HIS Bundle Pacing

HIS bundle pacing is an alternative to traditional cardiac pacing technique that involves placing the pacemaker lead directly on the bundle of His, a specialized conduction pathway in the heart's electrical system, to achieve synchronized heart rhythm. Traditional right ventricular pacing can lead to pacing-induced cardiomyopathy, a condition where the heart muscle weakens due to prolonged pacing. HIS bundle pacing can reduce the risk of this complication.

It is typically used to treat patients with heart block, a condition where the electrical signals from the atria are delayed or blocked before reaching the ventricles. It can also be used in patients with heart failure and reduced ejection fraction, where traditional pacing techniques may not be effective.

Conduction System Pacing
Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy

His bundle pacing is a relatively new technique, that not many have the expertise to perform the procedure. Staying abreast with the leading developments in cardiology and cardiac electrophysiology, Dr. DCR is one of the leading cardiac electrophysiologists and cardiovascular surgeon, who offers latest and expert care to his patients for better long-term outcomes. Have a look at the conduction system pacemakers performed by the doctor (link). Book a consultation with electrophysiologist– Dr. DCR to know more.

Cases performed By DR DCR

left bundle branch pacing

After having performed more than 100 cases of conduction system pacemakers, here is a 67-year old lady with severe heart failure, who benefitted from a left bundle branch pacing and AV node ablation due to permanent atrial fibrillation

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